Hello From Holly

Holly McCorriston:

I spent the last few years of my life joking about becoming a life coach in the “funny haha” way but it became a lot more serious in 2019. I was battling some anxiety and depression and really didn’t know where I wanted to go or who I wanted to be anymore.

I ended up working with a local Erickson trained coach as part of my “journey out of the hole” and found myself floating around in a sea of my own possibilities instead. Working as a health care professional for the last decade, I often found myself wondering what skills I could acquire to create a greater impact on my patients lives.

After overwhelming myself for awhile in thinking I needed help solve everyone else’s health care problems, I finally discovered that coaching is the only resource I need to help me help others come up with their own solutions.

I see coaching partnerships as a truly valuable, yet still underutilized, resource for those wanting to make positive change in their lives.

I feel it is my duty and obligation to the world to share what I have learned and help everyone recognize they too can float in a sea of possibilities all of their own!

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