Caroline loves helping people create the life they want! She’s a passionate teacher and trained Erickson coach, helping people reach their potential. Motivated, intuitive and insatiably curious, she has a love for transformation and personal growth.

Over the past 12 years working with children in the classroom and recently with adults in coaching, Caroline has honed her skills as for helping others gain the confidence and motivation to achieve their goals.

She has drastically transformed many areas of her own life, like career, health, happiness and productivity through these same coaching methods. Caroline believes that everyone has something unique to offer and that each person she has the privilege to work with has special qualities that can be developed to an amazing level.

Her life’s work is to help you create your best life. Whether you’re looking to bring more balance into your life, improve your health, launch your career or just become a better, happier, more productive you, Caroline is here to help you get started! 

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Caroline holds sessions on Zoom or Skype.

To make an appointment, you can reach Caroline at

 or by calling 204-292-3054

Caroline accepts payment by e-transfer or PayPal